Many years ago a guy named "Pouya Kary" with one of his very best friends "Arman Izadi" started an online NPO (not-for-profit organization) called 'Pouya Animation' to create high quality open source software. Pouya was the developer / designer and Arman was the English editor / legal adviser. Those days both of them were so young and did not know much of programming, designing and legal documents but very soon they became famous, many of their programs reached into top of market places, people started to be fan of their works and Pa was one beloved team. soon the group fund a new member 'Hamidreza Aslani' the guys best friend to be the people person of the group and mange Pa's online resources as well as social networks. By growing of their work they soon won many awards such as BaseKit's best website design for almost two years and BaseKit gave them VIP resources for further work. Pa was a good move but was not very serious for it's position so they created a new foundation 'Parallel Architectures' and began to move with massive steps, Today the crew is still doing great, They still work on big projects and they are happy. This page however is a representation of one of the very first home pages of Pa, The original version has been modified over the years and changed to something very different. This page is redesigned from the blue prints of the page fund at Internet Archive's Way Way Back Machine.

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